Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Hello FIO Students!!

Hey Guys!!

I'm Sarah Shedler, and I will be one of your TAs for the FIO course! I graduated from USFSP and I also took this course during my undergrad at USFSP. I'm currently working on deep sea pteropods in Dr. Judkins' lab, and these awesome sea butterflies are going to be my main focus for my graduate degree!

Few things I suggest for you guys that will make this class more enjoyable for you are:
-bring bug spray!! Even get the permethrin spray to treat your clothing!

-bring sunblock, hat, sunglasses, light colors/long sleeves! We are out in the field almost everyday and no one likes having a sunburn and having to continuously be out in the sun afterwards!

-bring a good water bottle, everyone likes cold water during the hot summer, Hydroflask make great bottles that keep ice cold and they are fully sealed and don't sweat!

-bring a pair of shoes you don't care about to get dirty or some kind of water shoes that have a good sole on them! Not fun trying to bandage up feet in the field from stepping on oyster beds! 

-bring good snorkeling gear! Mask, snorkel (dry if you're not used to snorkeling), mesh bag to hold all your gear, fins, booties for the fins, or get enclosed (full footed fins) that don't require the bootie, but bring band aids or thin sock if not broken in yet.   

I'm pretty sure Dr. Judkins gave you all a packing list definitely try to bring the items listed on it. We are staying in the dorms at the schools, so if you like a soft bed, grab an inflatable pad to bring with you. If you guys have any questions or need to ask questions I'll be glad to answer them or get you an answer. If you need any of the things I suggested and not sure where to get them, I work at an outdoor adventure store, in the dive shop (Bill Jackson's), and would be glad to help you guys find the stuff, not sure if I could get you a discount but doesn't hurt to ask. :)  

 I'm excited to be your TA and look forwarded to meeting you guys soon!


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