Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hey Y'all I'm Kayli

Hi y’all my names Kayli Morgan I am a twenty one year old student that attends the University of West Florida. I chose to take this class this summer because being from Texas I’ve never actually gotten the chance to explore Florida and see all that it has to offer for my marine biology degree. With that being said I don’t actually know what exactly I want to do with my degree, but I feel like this course will teach me all about the different job possibilities I could have in my near future. As of right now I’m mostly interested in some type of research and conservational career that involves manatees. I’ve been to Crystal River twice now and swam with the manatees both times, the first time I went I got some extra love from a baby manatee and the second time I went I got to witness a baby manatee nursing. I also have an adopted manatee named Bama. Although I haven’t gotten the pleasure to meet him, I’m definitely hoping to one day. although I'm extremely passionate about manatees I'm open for anything and excited to see what this course will teach me and what organisms we might come across. 

Aside from my marine biology career I’m very passionate about photography and although my school doesn’t offer any underwater photography classes I’ve taken courses through dive shops in the Pensacola area. So I can guarantee you, you will see me with a camera in my hand majority of this trip haha. As of now it's just a hobby, but i'd love to travel the world someday and take photos like they do in National Geographic. 

I can’t wait to meet y’all and I’m so excited to see what this course has in store for us!

See you soon,

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