Sunday, 18 June 2017

The odyssey is complete

In the name of science I became a ruler.
We all survived our circumnavigation of this incredibly long state. It was a wonderful five weeks and this last one was no exception. Pensacola treated us to a nice dose of rain, but otherwise couldn't stop us. We learned about freshwater systems this week, which is something I have been hoping we'd cover since they are influential on coastal environments we have been visiting. We got the chance to assist in continuing research on seabirds and beach geomorphology. We learned how to use radio telemetry to pinpoint the location of a tag. We learned shorebird identification and got to use some very nice spotting scopes. One of the highlights of the week was a tour of the EPA lab. Their facility and research were amazing. In conclusion this week only increased the resume and provided an unforgettable experience. This course has a been a great learning opportunity.
Learning how to use an engineers level
to map the elevation of the sand dunes. 

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