Sunday, 18 June 2017

University of West Florida: Week 4

The fifth and final week of this course was at the University of West Florida where we spent a lot of time learning new skills at different locations of Pensacola such as   Pensacola Beach, the Escambia River, Carpenter Creek, and Texar Bayou. This week we looked at the water quality of different bodies of water by recording YSI readings at each location. We also studied Chlorophyll A concentrations, observed how urbanization affected river structure within a watershed, how to identify various shorebirds, and how to use a radio telemetry to locate tagged shore birds. We also explored lagging and how it is used to create sand dune. My personal favorite day included taking a tour of the EPA where we got insight of some of the on going research that is happening right here in Pensacola Bay.

            Overall this course was such an amazing experience, providing me with new field experience at each location, which will make me an even more competitive edge when applying to grad school, and on a resume for future careers. This course has provided me with the chance to see what areas of marine biology I’m passionate about, and what my strengths and weaknesses are, so that I end up in the field that suits me best. This course also expanded my interconnections with other future, and current biology majors that could grant me with opportunities, advice, and positive influence that’ll help me to exceed in the future.
Hope to see y'all sometime in the future, its been fun!

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