Sunday, 11 June 2017

Week 4: USFSP

Our week in St.Pete was a more laid back affair than initially planned. A very unfortunate mechanical failure on the Weatherbird prevented our original plan of going out on the open water. The plan was to take samples from the Weatherbird on Tuesday, and then use those samples to drive data analysis and organization throughout the rest of the week. However due to the breakdown, the identification
and analysis was based on past samples instead. The process was still the same though, and it was cool to go through the steps of identifying organisms and breaking down the data. With some awesome last minute planning, we were also able to make it out to Weedon island. There we went out on kayaks and performed some water quality tests in the mangroves. We also went to the Florida aquarium earlier in the week. There I used an ethogram for the first time ever to quantify animal behavior, which was cool. Also it's just a blast to wander around the Florida aquarium :P. Overall the week was quiet, but we made the most of it and I definitely learned a lot. Looking forward to next week, as this epic course draws to a close. See you all there!

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