Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Final Week

Our fifth and final week of the FIO field studies course took place at UWF in Pensacola. Although it never seemed to stop raining, we were still able to complete most of our activities as planned. The only thing we really had to miss was kayaking in the Indian Bayou on Monday. 

In summary, our week at UWF consisted of collecting water samples, performing water quality tests, examining effects of urbanization on Carpenter Creek, exploring parts of the Pensacola Bay watershed, surveying for shorebirds, using geomorphological survey techniques, and performing lab work. Also, I really enjoyed learning how to use several research tools such as a TSS, Engineer’s level, a spotting scope, a fluorometer, A-frame, pore-water sampler, photo-quadrat, and radio telemetry. I was truly pleased with my time in Pensacola, and I am thankful for the opportunity to visit UWF.

Using the TSS!
Using radio telemetry to find out transmitter!
As a whole, this five week FIO course has truly been eye opening. Each week provided me with new and exciting learning experiences that fully immersed me in the field of marine biology. The field exposure was both enjoyable and educational, and I was glad to do it with such great friends. I traveled across the state of Florida which is an opportunity I would likely never have come across otherwise. This course also allowed me to network with professors from various Florida universities, opening doors to future academic adventures. I would definitely recommend this class to fellow students, because despite any adversity we faced, the outcome was well worthwhile. 

Good looking group of FIO survivors!

I hope you all have a great rest of your summer, and I’m so lucky to have met you all!

-Fergie J

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