Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Hi everyone!

Hello, my name is Scott Pescatore and I am 20 years old. I will be starting my third year at UNF as a Junior. I am majoring in Coastal Biology and I have not yet figured out what I will be doing with my degree when I graduate or if I will be moving on to graduate school for a masters or doctorate. I am hoping this course will help lead me in the right direction of what to focus my career on. My hobbies include fishing, keeping aquariums, and free diving. I have a special interest in fish. I grew up keeping a lot of fish tanks and enjoyed going out and collecting my own fish for the tanks from the canal behind my house. That is where my interest in fish first came from and has only grown from the classes I have taken at UNF. I also grew up fishing and absolutely love fishing when ever I get the chance. There's no better feeling than reeling in a monster fished with a great fight. I'm excited to see what this course has to offer and to meet everyone! I'm sure we will create some awesome memories while having an amazing time.

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